Saturday 18 June 2011


  • Bresenham's line algorithm. Uses decision variables to plots a straight line between 2 specified points.
  • Depixelizing Pixel Art. Smoothing algorithm that converts an image in coarse pixels into a realistic picture. (Johannes Kopf and Dani Lischinski). Demonstration.
  • Landscape Draw a 3D scenery.
  • DDA line algorithm. Uses floating-point math to plots a straight line between 2 specified points.
  • Flood fill. Fills a connected region with a color.
  • Image Restoring. Restore photo, improve images.
  • Xiaolin Wu's line algorithm. Line antialiasing.
  • Painter's algorithm. Detects visible parts of a 3-dimensional scenery.
  • Ray tracing. Realistic image rendering.
  • Phong shading. An illumination model and an interpolation method in 3D computer graphics.
  • Gouraud shading. Simulate the differing effects of light and colour across the surface of a 3D object.
  • Scanline rendering. Constructs an image by moving an imaginary line.
  • Global illumination. Considers direct illumination and reflection from other objects.
  • Interpolation. Constructing new data points such as in digital zoom.
  • Resynthesizer. Remove an object on a photo and rebuild the background Used by Photoshop and The Gimp. Resynthesizer tutorial .
  • Slope-intercept algorithm. It is an implementation of the slope-intercept formula for drawing a line.
  • Spline interpolation. Reduces error with Runge's phenomenon.
  • 3D Surface Tracker Technology. Adding images or vidéo on walls in a vidéo, hidden surfaces being taken into account.