Saturday 18 June 2011

Hacking a PC through NetBios shares

Finding PCs with shares over a LAN or over internet is very easy. Choose a certain IP range and use Netscan to search through the IP range for PCs with shares. A PC can only have shares if it is connected to a network or has file and printing enabled, so mostly computers with an network card. If you find a computer with a share, use Windows to connect to that share. Go START, RUN and type in "\\IP\sharename". Example "\\\c" or with the PC name "\\pc1\c" - then you will have access to the share, to delete, copy or rename files or directories, depending what it was shared as, but most people share things with full access and no password. If you find a PC with shares, but when you try and connect to it, it ask you a password, the easy way to crack it is with PQWak, this program brute force cracks the password for you - Win9X only.

Windows NT/XP, works through permissions, so if something is shared, it is shared with permissions to the folder, and permissions is given to an user name. But alot of people make shares with full access to anyone. Win2K/XP accessing an share like the C$ share will ask you an username and password, if there is no password specified by the person who's PC it is.. Trying username as Administrator and password blank. Most people got administrator account password blank, easy way to get onto their shares.

Windows 2000 and XP you can use Venom or Starbrute to brute force or dictionary crack local accounts.

If you gain access to someone's hard drive, copy a trojan server file into their startup folder, and then when they reboot their PC, the trojan will run and you will have access to their PC with the trojan.