Saturday 18 June 2011

Signal processing

  • CORDIC. Fast trigonometric function computation technique.
  • Rainflow-counting algorithm. Reduces a complex stress history to a count of elementary stress-reversals for use in fatigue analysis.
  • Osem. Algorithm for processing of medical images.
  • Goertzel algorithm. Can be used for DTMF digit decoding.
  • Discrete Fourier transform. Determines the frequencies contained in a (segment of a) signal.
    • Fast Fourier transform
    • Cooley-Tukey FFT
    • Rader's FFT
    • Bluestein's FFT
    • Bruun's FFT
    • Prime-factor FFT
  • Richardson-Lucy deconvolution. Image de-blurring algorithm.
  • Elser Difference-Map. X-Ray diffraction microscopy.