Saturday 18 June 2011


  • Doomsday. Day of the week.
  • Xor swap. Swaps the values of two variables without using a buffer by xoring the values.
  • Hamming weight. Find the number of 1 bits in a binary word.
  • Luhn. A checksum formula for validating identification numbers such as credit-card numbers.
  • Create bit mask. Bit manipulation algorithms.


  • BrowseRank. Alternative to PageRank based on users behavior.
  • Hypertext Induced Topic Selection (HITS, patent in 1997). Algorithm for scoring Web pages, by Jon Kleinberg. One score depends upon backlinks, the other one is based on external links.
  • Leaf shape. From 28 parameters, the Growth-Algorithm Model of Leaf Shape can reproduce all the shape of real leaves found in the nature.
  • PageRank. (1998) Algorithm of scoring by Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google), using backlinks and external links. The score of a Web page depends also to various other criteria.
  • Schreier-Sims. For permutation groups. A method of computing a Base and Strong Generating Set (BSGS) of a permutation group. Used by algebra algorithms.
  • Robinson-Schensted. Combinatorial algorithm.