Thursday 14 July 2011

Hack twitter account

Many of readers sent me emails for writing a post on twitter account hacking. Before writing more on topic i want to say one thing that there is no any software tool which can give you passwords of any twitter account by entering the user name. If you are here for any this type of software then please leave this website. Twitter is one of the top 10 most visited website having a lots of security features. No tool can intrude or hack its database to give you passwords. If you want to hack a twitter account, you have to use your hacking skills with a good use of social engineering. I think social engeering is the best way to trick a person to give his passwords to you.

1: phishing: phishing is the best way to hak any account. If you think only saving a webpage and creating a fake login page with this is phishing, then you are wrong. Phishing is just create a webpage which can trick users to give their passwords. It does not mean that it is a login page or any other page which offers a service to that website. I used a page for finding invisible in orkut for orkut phishing. So think what you can do in this. I am not uploading any phishing page.

2: Keylogger: keylogger is another way to hack into twitter account by getting the keystrokes from a user's system. download remote keyloggers

3: Firesheep: If your victim uses unsecure wireless network then you can hack him easily by using mozilla firefox and a simple firefox plugin. Firesheep. read this post to know about firesheep and dowload
use this tool to hack.

You can also try to hack primary email id hacking attached with the twitter account. But hacking a Gmail or yahoo account also need above method. Try above given methods and trick users to explore their passwords.