Thursday 7 July 2011

Real Desktop

Real Desktop - very original three-dimensional workmount.

The special attention is deserved by a presence "fiziki": icons possess inertia, clash, fly away in different directions. Real Desktop uses DirectX 9 and has a physical rendering-engine, but its work not strongly tells on computer speed.
Absence of necessity to overload a computer after setting of the program pleasantly surprised. It is enough to call on a label - and for you already 3D Workmount!

Real Desktop does not influence on position of icons on "rodnom" Workmount. The special attention is deserved by the system of selection of icons. It is a not simply rectangular scope. Here, clutching the left mouse button, you can draw any nevypukluyu figure and select necessary icons only.
Icons can be moved, "brosat'" and also to revolve through a mouse. In addition, they can be diminished/to increase.

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