Thursday 7 July 2011

Taxi 3 Extreme Rush Rip Full

Taxi 3 Full PC Game

You’re having a really bad day and to make it worse somebody has stolen your precious black cab. You try to search the crime location for clues, but reality sets in and you accept that your beloved cab is gone...

Soon after the theft, whilst you walk the streets looking for answers, the driver of an exotic sports car speeding by recognizes you immediately and slams on the brakes, after all your supercharged twin-V8 black cab, makes you the most famous taxi driver in London!

The driver has many contacts, especially within the underground racing scene and wants to help you find your precious cab...!

As you enter the underground scene as an undercover street racer you will have to call upon all your driving skills and abilities to win. So don't expect an easy ride!

Taxi 3 Extreme Rush Pc DownloadTaxi 3 Extreme Rush PC Game  

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size 77 mb