Wednesday 6 July 2011

Ubuntu 11.04


What’s new?
The release of Ubuntu 11.04 has seen the arrival of a new look and feel for Ubuntu. A whizzy, new launcher and dash, and a clever workspace manager are some of the biggest changes. Take a look at what’s new and then feel free to choose between the classic and new desktop experiences at login.
New Features in Ubuntu 11.04 -
  • The launcher
Get easy access to your favourite tools and applications with our lovely new launcher. You can hide and reveal it, add and remove apps and keep track of your open windows.
  • The dash
Our new dash offers a great way to get to your shortcuts and search for more apps and programs. So you can get fast access to your email, music, pictures and much more.
  • Workspaces
Our handy workspaces tool gives you a really easy way to view and move between multiple windows and applications. 

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