Tuesday 9 August 2011


If u dont have a PC but u want2 make your own theme 4 your Nokia s40 phone, here is a great news 4 u. finally I've succeed to make themes(.nth) in an s40 phone without a PC. Now I will share the process with you. To get started you must have two java applications in your mobile named Jzipman and MobyExplorer . If u dont have these applications, download them from here. Jzipman.jar (100 KB) MobyExplorer.jar (123 KB) Now follow the steps stated below one by one carefully.

Step1 : Make a copy of any theme of your mobile using MobyExplorer and paste it in a new folder (any name). Then change the extension of the theme from NTH to ZIP.

Step2 : Open/ select that pasted theme with the JZIPMAN .
It will show a list of files with check boxes. Now from the option menu choose SELECT ALL and then press the EXTRACT button. It will take some time. After it finishes, close the JZIPMAN and go to that new folder and u will see many images,some tones,some unsupported files are there.

Step3 : Identify the wallpaper, tone, background image, screensaves etc from that folder which are used in that theme. Now u can change/replace the objects from that folder with ur preferred images and tones.For example suppose u find a JPG file named menu_bg.jpg in that folder which was used as menu background image. At first copy the image that u want to use as background image and paste it in that folder. Now delete the menu_bg.jpg file and rename the newly pasted file as menu_ bg.jpg

Step4 : With the similar method mentioned above, replace any files in that folder that u want to change. Remember one thing that before deleting a file u must not forget its name, coz u have to give same name for the new inserted file . Now delete the old theme file(which u have renamed as ZIP) from that folder.

Step5 : Open JZIPMAN and go inside that folder. Now scroll over all the files in that folder and press the select button on every file. Note that u will not see any changes when u press the select button. After finishing all the files, open the option menu and click on the LIST button. U will see a list of all files u have selected. Now...again press the option menu and select the PACK button. Then it will show a path of saving file. Change only to.nth and keep other names unchanged. Then press OK. It will take some time 2 pack. After packing finishes it will show an alert like TIME REMAINS XXX. Ignore that and close the application.

Step6 : Now go 2 that folder and u will see a new theme that u have just made. U can now use that theme any time. Enjoy For first time, u may face some problems, errors, failures, difficulties because it is a long process. But keep trying with my navigations and soon u will be able to make your own theme containing everything u want in your theme. Pls ask me in the s40 forums inside LEARN mobile community if any problem occurs and I will try 2 help u. NOTE: When u become expert with it, u can edit the xml file and can change the colours of various texts. And With the above method u can make themes for some SonyEricsson and Siemens models also.
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