Sunday 7 August 2011

Hack Nokia s40 Security!! No More Asking Permissions in Java Apps..!!!

There is several methods to hack nokia s40 security for asking permissions to read/write user data when opening or working with Java applications. The easiest method is replacing the nokia original certificate with hacked certificate in your phone. and another method is working with JAF. That is every s40 phone has Product Profile. it's like advanced configuration file for nokia. The trick is to modify Product Profile for your phone, so every unsigned java app will have access to file system perfectly without even setting permissions!

Here we are going to see the easier method ie.,

Tools Needed :

1. MobiMB Mobile Media Browser v3.6(1.0 MB)

2.  (75.6 KB)

3. (703 Bytes)

Procedure :

1. Download and Install application MobiMb 3.6 and it will let you copy/read files in system folders,  we'll need it.

Now go there to phone C:\Hiddenfolder\certificates\user and copy the contents from file to this path files , if it is asking for overwrite then overwrite the files.

After extracting and copying files from in "C:\Hiddenfolder\certificates\user " , install the certificate by double clicking on it. It'll guide u step by step to perform installation. After certificate's been installed, restart your phone.

2. Then, install BeHappy application.
drag & drop .jar file to BeHappy window - you will get popup balloon informing that app is signed

3. Now copy BOTH .jar & .jad  to your phone (doesn't matter bt or usb or card reader)

4. Highlight app - click options - application access set all to 'always allowed'

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 with any apps you install.

Thats it..Now you are signed your apps, Transfer to your Phone and ENjoy..!!!

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