Friday 12 August 2011

Re-Enable Task Manager,System Restore,cmd,run,Registry

Hi friends, today i faced a problem.  A virus attacked my XP. I was unable to use Task Manager, System Restore,cmd,run,Registry.

This malware disabled important windows features(task manager, system restore,.......)

Whenever i try to open the Task Manager, it pop this error message as "
Task Manager is Disabled by Administrator. Contact admin" .

When i try to use System restore "it said restore is turn off. it is disabled by administrator".

So i started search in Internet , finally i found the solution.  If you have this problem,

Don't get panic.  I will help you to fix this problem because i faced this problem.(Experience man..!!!)

How to Fix  this?

Here is one software that will fix this problem with a single click.

Download TangoSoft Software from here:

The program has the ability to restore functionality to these Windows features:

  • Windows Registry

  • Command Line Tool

  • Windows Task Manager

  • System Restore Config

  • Folder Options

  • Run command

  • My Computer

  • Task Scheduler

  • Right Click Context menu

  • Ms-Config (Xp only)

  • Control Panel

  • Search

  • You can download portable version but it is 22Mb.  So download the instller(only 1mb).

  • Install the Tangosoft

  • Run the Application

  • Click the "Re-Enable" button.

  • It will ask you to restart.

That's all your problem is fixed.

Now my system working finely.

Note: After problem is fixed, try to install good antivirus like Kaspersky.