Wednesday 5 October 2011

Download Exploit Pack - An open source security framework

Exploit Pack is an open source security framework developed by Juan Sacco. It combines the benefits of a Java GUI, Python as Engine and well-known exploits on the wild. It has an IDE to make the task of developing new exploits easier, instant search features and XML-based modules.

A GPL license for the entire project helps to ensure the code will remain free. It also features a ranking system for contributors, tutorials for everyone who wants to learn how to create new exploits and a community to call for help. 

It has a module editor that allows you to create your own custom exploits.
There is an instant search feature built-in on the GUI for easier access to modules.
Modules use XML DOM, so they are really easy to modify.
It uses Python as its Engine because the language is more widely used on security related programming.
A tutorial is also provided. If you want to earn money, they will pay you for each module you add to Exploit Pack.

Download Here: