Tuesday 8 November 2011

Create Google+ Business Pages for Brands

Below are the step-by-step guide on how to create Google+ business pages for brands.
Step 1: Go to Google+ brand page:
Google+ pages
Step 2: From the left menu, pick a category for your business.
Step 3: Once you will pick a category, a pre-loaded window will pop-up. You will need to add your business information into “add your info” section, and then click create.
Google+ Pages
Please wait while Google+ creates a page for your business.
Google+ Pages
Step 4: Once the page is created, you can customize it for public appearance. You have an option to add a tagline (up to 10 words only), and a profile photo to make your business even more recognizable. Once done, click continue.
Google+ pages
Step 5: You are now ready to use your business profile and approach your selected audience. But before you can do that, Google+ wants you to share it on your wall, this is optional, if you want to share it to your wall just just click on “tell your circles about this page”, if not, click finish which you can find at the end of the page.
Google+ Pages
Congratulations! You have successfully created a business page for your brand on Google+. You can start the conversation by posting anything on your page so your followers can see your first update. You can also connect your website, tell the world about your page via sharing your page link, build your circles and do hangouts.
Google+ Page

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