Sunday 6 November 2011

Innovative Cryptography Second Edition

Innovative Cryptography Second Edition
Innovative Cryptography, Second Edition provides a cutting-edge evaluation and review of current findings in the area of cryptography and explores how to implement these new techniques efficiently. It covers current cryptographic problems and suggests practical solutions. The book also discusses the role of symmetric ciphers and symmetric block ciphers, and details the need for fast symmetric ciphers for hardware (DES), software (RC5, Blowfish), and universal (AES, RC6, Twofish, IDEA, GOST) implementations. In addition, the book covers the issues surrounding the development and design of software-oriented ciphers, including ciphers based on the algorithm formed depending on the secret key. Some specific issues related to the cryptographic strength of ciphers with the flexible algorithm of data transformation are considered, and a combinational probabilistic model is suggested for obtaining minimal evaluations of the software ciphers being considered. A highly promising new command suggested to be used in universal processors is also discussed. This command executes controlled bit permutation, and is expected to sharply increase the performance of cryptographic algorithms including bit permutations of arbitrary type. Innovative Cryptography, Second Edition is written for anyone involved in the development of cryptopgraphic tools, including engineers, researches, programmers, and IT security professionals.

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