Wednesday 2 November 2011

RegCure for cleaning up windows registry

RegCure is a software for cleaning up windows registry. RegCure is developed by ParetoLogic, a well known software company. ParetoLogic is a Microsoft certified partner. This company is an advisor to all PC health related problems. It can fix windows registry problems, and allows you to get the most out of your PC. Their products ensure that you would be able to take control of your PC and security and increase performance and protection against virus or spyware attacks.

To know about RegCure one must understand what a Registry is. The registry is an important key element of the windows operating system. Any damage to the windows registry will affect the whole operating system which in-turn will affect your PC or laptop. The registry is always stored in your computer. These files will be differentiated as system files and will be placed in a separate folder within your hard disk. The Registry is some what a recorder of all the activities of addressing, hardware, and memory space. It is the place where all the information and settings for all the hardware, software, users, and preferences of the computer are stored. Whenever you make a change to the Control Panel settings, file associations, system policies, or installed software, the changes are reflected and stored in the registry. The operating system continuously will refer to this information during it is working.
RegCure is very compatible with all the Windows operating systems and this package also has a full back-up utility kit that will ensure that your registry cleaning process goes smooth.
Restore and backup: This feature by RegCure will ensure that you will acquire peace of mind against virus and spyware attached. If you are a Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP user, then there are two ways for you to protect against such attacks. They are system restore points and backup files. If you are Windows 2000 (SP4), Windows 98 (SE) or Windows ME user then every time you remove a registry item, automatically a backup file is created.
Shortcuts to programs: Regcure helps you to find and remove all the incorrect shortcut applications. This will improve your PC speed and avoids longer launch time.
Built-in scheduler: This feature in RegCure will allow you to schedule its job and you can rest be assured that the job will be done at a convenient time. Scheduling can be done as many times as you would want. It can scan at system startup or work on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. There is no cap on time schedules.
Shell extensions and invalid class keys: RegCure has a feature that will enable all the invalid entries associated with non working class keys and shell extensions. This will allow your PC to work faster.
Paths associated with applications: When the disk directories are in a clutter and are referenced properly, it will make your programs to fail. RegCure has a feature that will allows scanning all the sections in the application paths of the windows registry.
Manual or Automatic Repair: RegCure has the option to either do the scanning operation automatically or manually by work on the repair process yourself.
Startup items in the windows can be neatly organized: When RegCure starts to manage your system you will find that the speed of your PC has improved considerably. This feature will find and delete all missing programs in the startup area itself as these items will lead to poor use of system resources.
Progress of the scanning can be viewed: Its inbuilt interface will allow you to see the current status and progress of scanning.
Invalid DLL entries are removed: When a DLL entry gets clustered then it will cause failures in the application programs. RegCure repairs and restores all DLL entries and keeps it out of this mess.
Customer friendly: The installation and working of RegCure is user friendly. It is created to suit all types of customer needs.
Hence RegCure will clean the below mentioned things in your windows registry. It will function as per individual requirement of the below listed items.
Hence Pareto Logic through RegCure is able to provide many benefits to its wide range of customer. It provides a cutting edge technology tool than can keep you and your pc from registry problems and other related problems. Pareto Logic has also won several awards for its great products.
A recent statistics shows that RegCure is the number 1 windows registry cleaner in the industry. Try quality products and have a happy tension free life.
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