Monday 7 November 2011

Trace Any Email ID with spypig - Email Hack

At first go to the website
Here you will find a form.Now fill up the form.

Step 1: Fill Your mail address, where you want the traced information of recipient.
Step 2: Write your message title.
Step 3: Select an image, by which SpyPig will trace your Sent Mail. I will Recommend to select 1st image that is blank, so that recipient could not get any idea that you r tracing him or her.

Step 4: Choose how many times you want to receive the notifications. You will receive a notification every time your email is opened up to the number you select above.
Step 5: Click the button above to create and activate your SpyPig tracking image in the box below.

Step 6: Copy the SpyPig image above and paste it into your email message.
Step 7: Now write your message, you want to send, and send it as usual.

Now when the recipient will read your message, you will be inform by email that your mail has been read with the IP Address and location of recipient

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