Tuesday 7 September 2010

Obtaining a Job in the Science Field

Science Job

If you are a student studying biology, chemistry or any other branch of science you may be looking for a science job when you graduate. With the current economy it is tough for anyone looking for a job but there are several ways you can improve your search as a student looking for a science job. A student can utilize any number of tools in order to apply for a science job and eventually begin working in their field of study. If you are a student, here are some tips you can follow when looking for a science job:

-Network. Networking to friends, family members, and colleagues is a great way for a student looking for a science job to find one. Networking has always been a great way for people to find jobs because it eliminates the impersonal nature of the traditional interview process. If you want a science job and you network to someone who is already in the field, it may be easier for you to get a job. Having connections is always a useful thing, especially when it comes to looking for a science job.

-Use the internet. The internet is no unfamiliar place for a student, so use this resource to help you find a science job. A student will be able to find hundreds of directories and listings that post various jobs. A job can be listed by industry, so you can narrow your online search by industry.

-If you are a student there are usually employment possibilities offered by your school. Most schools will offer an online site that will list science jobs in the area that you can apply to. This is a very helpful resource to use as a student, because your school may be affiliated with some of the companies that are listing a science job posting. If you want a science job that is posted by your school, you will be carrying the school’s reputation with you to that job if they are associated with the school itself.

-You can also use a recruiter. Recruiters specialize in finding people jobs in their field of interest. If you are a student looking for a science job a recruiter could help you to assess your skills and abilities and match them to an employer in the area of your choice. Most recruiters will work to help you find a science job free of charge. The money they will make is paid by the employer that will hopefully hire you.

These are just some of the ways that a student can try to find a science job. The internet is a great tool when it comes to looking for a job, but attention should still be paid to getting personal interviews with potential employers. In a digital age it may be more common to submit an online resume but you should still be prepared to express your skills and market your capabilities to a future employer. Use these tips to try and find your dream job today.