Saturday 5 November 2011

The New Players in Life Sciences Innovation: Best Practices in R&D -Ebook Free

“A wealth of insights and foresights about the global rise of the knowledge-based industry. Drivers and modulators from emerging economies make it necessary to look beyond the usual industry sector horizon. Using The New Players in Life Science Innovation’s well researched and comprehensive road map of India and China’s approach for becoming future innovative R&D players offers a strong medicine to business leaders who want to build organizations with an understanding on how the future may unfold.”
Martina Flammer, Senior Director, Emerging Markets, Pfizer Inc.

“This is a stimulating and original take on the changes in the life sciences industry worldwide.”
Helen Lawton Smith, Chair, Management Department, Birkbeck College, University of London

“Really understanding the evolution in science and technology around the world demands numbers and analysis, which can be very difficult to find and combine in a clear manner, but that’s just what readers get in The New Players in Life Science Innovation.”
Mike May, Editorial Director, Scientific American Worldview

The New Players in Life Science Innovation is a valuable resource for academics, policy makers, and practitioners alike as it deals in breadth and depth with currently key related issues in the areas of R&D management, policies, and practices and in the context of a world that is increasingly globalizing as well as dividing. Insights from this book will remain relevant for some time and may well provide prophetic as well. I highly recommend it as a key resource for both academic as well as policy and practice contexts.”
Elias Caryannis, Professor of Science, Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, School of Business, George Washington University

“The book documents that science-based business is no longer the exclusive domain of the West. In the future, competitors from emerging economies will be playing increasingly important roles in life science innovation. This trend is gathering momentum and is indeed irreversible.”
Y. Eugene Pak, Director of R&D Sector, Seoul National University Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology

“Emerging partners and emerging markets are now key. Mroczkowski documents finally what we’ve been seeing individually as practitioners in technology transfer and biotech business development in recent years. These new regional partners and markets are no longer limited to late stage adaptors or me-too manufacturers, but have the technological capacity and financial strength to push novel early-stage biotech discoveries to market.”
Steven M. Ferguson, CLP, Chair, Technology Transfer, Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences (FAES) Graduate School at NIH

The global center of gravity in life sciences innovation is rapidly shifting East, just as it did in manufacturing. In this book, Tomasz Mroczkowski explains how China and other new economic powers are rapidly gaining leadership roles in the biosciences industries and thoroughly assesses the implications.

Mroczkowski discusses the sophisticated innovation strategies and reforms these nations have implemented: approaches that don’t rely on market forces alone and that are achieving remarkable success. Next, he previews the emerging global “bioeconomy,” in which life science discoveries will be applied pervasively in markets ranging from health to fuels.

As R&D in the West becomes increasingly costly, Mroczkowski introduces new options for partnering with new players. He thoroughly covers clinical trials, bioparks, technology zones, and emerging clusters, as well as global R&D collaboration strategies such as those of Eli Lilly, Merck, Novartis, and IBM.

With innovation-driven industries increasingly dominating the global economy, this book’s lessons and insights are indispensable for every R&D decision-maker and investor.

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