Friday 19 August 2011

CD key & serial of installed softwares

If you are reinstalling a software then the whole process is usually
painless but what if you found that neither you remember the serial /key
nor you have it. This happens quite often and you’re faced with two
options, buy another license or hope that you find/remember where it
is.But i think you won't like any of them.

good way of making sure that doesn’t happen to you, is to make a list
of all the serials of your important software right now & make a
back up like email them to yourself etc..But in case you have forgotten
the key but software is still installed on your system then SoftKey Revealer [Download] is a free Windows application that will show you the serials and CD keys of software installed on your computer.

this is quite effective but not all Microsoft software are supported
which means you won’t get the serials for every application you have

the program does what it says and gives you an option of saving your
revealed serials to Microsoft Word. If you’re looking for a way to see
CD keys of your installed games, the makers of SoftKey Revealer have a
similar app for games called game key revealer that’s displayed on the product page