Tuesday 30 August 2011

edit Facebook comment - Trick

We all know that Facebook is out daily need. And with this Facebook Chats, Likes, Comments are must for all of us. Let’s say if we post any Facebook Comment then it is not possible to change it. We have only one option to delete the comment and post back another one. No doubt, Facebook was missing the feature to edit a comment.

Recently, Facebook added a new feature to edit Facebook comment and I am here to tell you about the same. Let’s learn more on how to edit Facebook comment.

How to edit Facebook comment???

Next time you want to edit Facebook comment, follow the steps below: -
1.   After you’ve commented, move to your comment.
2.   Hit the ‘X’ button at the top of your comment.

3.   You will see a text box which you can use to edit Facebook comment.

4.   Edit your comment and hit on Enter. Your edited comment will be posted.

Limitations on editing: -

·        The comment can be edited only within 60 seconds of posting.

·        The comment cannot be edited if other user has posted comment after yours.

So friends, this was a short tutorial on how to edit Facebook comment. I have tried to keep things simple. I will be back with more Facebook tricks in my coming articles.

Got any problem in editing Facebook comment??? Do you have any other Facebooktrick??? Please share it with us in comments.

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