Tuesday 16 August 2011

Control Your PC from Anywhere for Free

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Thanks to a few exceptional programs, you can now eliminate any
distance barriers between you and your PC. A host of remote access tools
are available that do the job in a simple and secure way. The video
mentions a few paid services which accomplish this, that doesn’t matter
because you can get free ones! The video above talks us through the
setup of Remote Desktop Connection. This connection allows you to
connect to another computer and use it. A DIY Remote setup requires some
simple port forwarding which is part of Windows XP and Vista too.


  • VNC
    (Virtual Network Computing) is one free tool that is a must for those
    serious about remote sharing. VNC itself serves up many variants with
    their own subset of features.

  • UltraVNC for Windows gets the
    vote for its ease of use via a remote viewer or any browser (for
    non-Windows machines) that has Java installed.


The grasp of this tech could be a lifesaver especially if you are the
forgetful type who has left important files back on the home PC.