Saturday 20 August 2011

MCA (IT, CSE) EBOOKS Free - ARAVIND RAJ Collections - II

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  1. MCS-011 Problem Solving and Programming

  2. MCS-012 Computer Organization and Assembly language Programming

  3. MCS-013 Discrete Mathematics

  4. MCS-014 Systems Analysis and Design

  5. MCS-015 Communication Skills

  6. MCSL-016 Internet Concepts and Web Design

  7. MCSL-017 C and Assembly Language Programming Lab

  8. MCS-021 Data and File Structures

  9. MCS-022 Operating System Concepts and Networking Management

  10. MCS-023 Introduction to Database Management Systems

  11. MCS-024 Object Oriented Technologies and Java Programming

  12. MCSL-025 Lab (based on MCS-021, 022, 023 & 024)

  13. MCS-031 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

  14. MCS-032 Object Oriented Analysis and Design

  15. MCS-033 Advanced Discrete Mathematics

  16. MCS-034 Software Engineering

  17. MCS-035 Accountancy and Financial Management

  18. MCSL-036 Lab(based on MCS-032, 034 and 035)

  19. MCS-041 Operating Systems

  20. MCS-042 Data Communication and Computer Networks

  21. MCS-043 Advanced Database Management Systems

  22. MCS-044 Mini Project

  23. MCSL-045 Lab(UNIX & Oracle)

  24. MCS-051 Advanced Internet Technologies

  25. MCS-052 Principles of Management and Information Sytems

  26. MCS-053 Computer Graphics and Multimedia

  27. MCSL-054 Lab( based on MCS-051 & 053)

  28. MCSE-003 Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management

  29. MCSE-004 Numerical and Statistical Computing

  30. MCSE-011 Parallel Computing 

Network Security (NS) Book Material Download

Text Book (Theory):

1) William Stallings, “Network Security Essentials: Applications and Standards”, 3rd Edition,

Pearson Education.   DOWNLOAD :- Click Here

Mobile Computing

Lauren Darcey and Shane Conder, “Android Wireless Application Development”, Pearson

Education, 2nd ed. (2011)

Web Searching Technology and Search Engine Optimization WST-SEO

 Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, Rand Fishkin, Jessie C Stricchiola, “The Art of SEO : Mastering

Search Engine Optimization”, O’Reilly Media, October, 2009    

                                         Click For Download

Software Engineering

 Roger S. Pressman, “Software Engineering  free download– A Practitioner’s Approach”, 7th Edition,

McGraw Hill Publications download