Tuesday 23 August 2011

[Crack] Call Counter 3 v2.3-16

Update : Version 2.3-16 released ! Crack is out !! [Credits to Fabius]

v 2.3-16

* added new billing plans (10/10)

* bug fixes (badges for minutes left)

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Call Counter is an Call Counting app for user to count
their calls within a period. Good for those who need to keep track of
their call usage such that they don't exceed their allocated Call usage
by their telecom.


  • Allows you to count the call duration based on a few filters: -by person, by message type (incoming/outgoing/both), by period

  • Allows you to exclude weekends (for those having call plans with free weekend calls / free call after 7pm etc)

  • Allows you to select the day of the billing month (so the period will be updated automatically everything your run the app)

  • Not limited by the 100 recent call history limitation

  • Show a pie chart view of the distributions of calls

IMG_0008main IMG_0016 IMG_0023photo exclusionIMG_0022IMG_0021


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