Friday 26 August 2011

convert TORRENT links into DIRECT links Online Free

Want to convert TORRENT links into DIRECT links? Well, if you prefer to download your favorite movie, software, or other useful files (which are originally via torrent) using a direct url, you can use the service of this new website called Torrific (

This website helps you do the conversion for you for FREE. Although they also offer Premium subscription (ofcourse for a fee - around $10), the free account I think is already sufficient for regular downloaders like me. For free account, you can convert up to 10GB of torrent files a day while the Premium subscribers unlimited. Not bad uh for a free account? :)

So how do this thing works? Here's a short tutorial:

Step 1: Sign up for a Free account. (After signing up, check your email for account verification.)

Step 2: Visit your favorite torrent site. (Seedpeer for this example)

Step 3: Copy the direct link of your torrent file.

Step 4: Paste the link into Torrific then click 'GET'.  After that, it will show you the files included in that torrent. Just click "FETCH" then wait for it to be converted.

Step 5: Conversion completed! You can now download your files directly. Just click the file. :)

Torrific works for most torrent websites such as Piratebay, Seedpeer, Torrentz, etc. Try it yourself and feel free to leave some comments below if you have questions.

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