Saturday 18 June 2011

Connecting to mIRC through a Wingate

A wingate is like a proxy server, anyone can connect to the server (some do have usernames and passwords), and then work through the server to connect to some other server. Then it will look like you are working form that server, your identity changed. mIRC is a internet relay chat client, a chat room client. Download mIRC now !! In mIRC there is a firewall option, this is where you specify your wingate server. Click the "use firewall" option, make sure its set to socks 4 ! and put in a wingate address in the "hostname". Port should be 1080 with no username or password. Wingate list available from Cyberarmy or you can use any port scanner, or you can use Proxy finder to search for socks wingate on a subnet. Scan any IP range for hosts that's got port 1080 open. Wingates are great for IRC to keep you anonymous.