Saturday 18 June 2011

Disconnecting someone from internet (DOS attack) - (Nuking)

Nuking was in the Windows 95/ NT4 days. The original WinNuke was for Windows 95. It attacked the host on port 139 (win95) and port 135 (winNT). Yes someone people still use Windows 95 and NT4, but not alot of people. If you find someone by any chance, use Superkod. I found it works best. Open up the program, type in the IP and Click NUKE. If the person is using Win95 or WinNT4, and their unpatched, their internet connection will be dropped or they will get a BSOD.

That's all very well and all, but with a program like KOD, it does not hide your IP from your attacker. If they are running a firewall, they will see where all this traffic is coming from and they will see it's YOU. So now, you need to spoof your IP address so the attacker cannot see who the attack is coming from. For Win2k/XP, I would recommend using Smurf2k, Nemesy or Jolt that was designed for attacking Win2k, but Jolt does not spoof the IP so beware, only Smurf2k and Nemesy spoofs the IP. Smurf2k uses a broadcast list, a list it uses for address to spoof from. So if you attack someone, they will see IP's attacking them that does not exist. Before you attack someone, find out what connections he has, because if he want to attack him with bandwidth, you will need more than him. So if it is an modem user with no firewall, you will be able to disconnect him yourself. If it is someone with more bandwidth than you, a firewall or a patched system, you will need BANDWITH to disconnect him. So gather around a few of your buddies, give them a DOS tool and all of you guys at the same time attack him. Make sure you run a firewall that blocks incoming IGMP, ICMP, UDP and TCP incoming connections if they start attacking back. Heck even better, infect a few hosts on a ADSL line or a corporate line with alot of bandwidth, and take down

This is the part when Zombies comes in. You infect a few hosts (Zombies) and control them to do a DOS attack on someone. It works almost like a trojan which you infect their PC and take control of it.

Try Freak88 - it allows you to control a few PC's at the same time and do a DOS attack.