Saturday 6 August 2011


Phone/Blutooth Remote Control turns your Bluetooth or WiFi enabled mobile phone into a universal controller for Windows.

See your PowerPoint slides directly in the phone, browse/play the songs in ITunes, WinAMP and Media player and much more...

Phone Remote Control is a true universal remote control that lets the user adds or modify the controlled programs. Customize simple keymaps or for full control over the UI write your own Java and VB scripts.


* All Bluetooth / WiFi mobile phones except Iphone and Android.

* Blutooth / WiFi enabled Laptop or Desktop.

How To Use :

1. Download PhoneRemoteControl here

2. Extract the [TEAMHACKS4U.TK]phoneremotecontrol.rar  folder and install the PC client by double    clicking setup.exe

3. after installation crack by double clicking key.reg file inside crack folder. [ double click key.reg -> click 'yes' -> click 'ok' ]

4. open Phone Remote Control application from desktop and click " Install Phone Client" a new window will open.

5. Open folder 'Version 5.1' from the new window and transfer 'prc.jar' file to your phone and install it.

6. After Installation just open the phone client and connect it to PC.

7. We can connect to PC via two methods. One is 'Connect from PC' and another one is 'Connect from Mobile'.

8. for Connecting from PC , click 'Connect from PC' Tab in PhoneRemoteControll PC client, and select your phone by clicking 'Select Phone' after successfull selection click finish. and then click on 'Connect Phone'. Now your phone is connected with PC. you can control your PC from Mobile..