Wednesday 3 August 2011

“Copy of Shortcut + Recycler (W32/Ramnit)” Removal Tool

Virus W32/RAMNIT and it’s variants.

W32/Ramnit is a virus that are self-replicating. It usually propagates via unsecured network connection and removable USB drives including flash drive, writable CD and external hard disk drives. W32/Ramnit also spreads by infecting files on the system that is shared on a network environment.
W32.Ramnit is a worm that infects .exe, .dll and .html files to reproduce and infect other systems. After infection, W32.Ramnit will hijack your browser to redirect you to a malicious domain. W32.Ramnit may also make contact with an anonymous third party through Internet Explorer exploits, allowing the remote attacker to violate your privacy and exert control over your computer. Many anti-malware programs have been unable to detect W32.Ramnit in some instances; severe infections can necessitate a complete system wipe to remedy the situation. Be cautious about worms like W32.Ramnit when on large networks or using removable media, and strive to delete W32.Ramnit quickly before it becomes too difficult to remove.
How W32.Ramnit Crawls to Your Machine?
One of the first things W32.Ramnit does is infect any .exe, .dll, or .html files W32.Ramnit can find. If you open these infected files, congratulations – now you’ve got W32.Ramnit, too! W32.Ramnit may also create concealed Autorun.inf files that are placed on various drives, including removable ones. Any computer that then accesses these drives will also get the W32.Ramnit worm.
Different versions of W32.Ramnit have been identified as a threat since January of 2010, and the worm is far from exterminated yet. Fortunately, indicators of W32.Ramnit’s presence are sufficiently plain that you ought to see W32.Ramnit before it’s been on your system too long. Deleting W32.Ramnit with sufficient quickness can mean the difference between your computer surviving without damage and your computer needing a complete hard drive wipe.
W32.Ramnit may also be detected under the slight variant names of W32.Ramnit.A and W32.Ramnit.B.
Does W32.Ramnit Have Your System in Its Clutches?
If you’re running Windows 95 up to Windows Vista, you’re in danger of being infected by W32.Ramnit. Prominent symptoms of this infection are reported as the following:
* Alteration of sizes or date modified statistics in your .exe, .dll, or .html files.
* The appearance of Autorun.inf files in your removable or non-removable hard drives.
* Browser hijackings which redirect you towards This is a malicious website that should be avoided, since it may attempt to drop additional malware on your system. W32.Ramnit has also been associated with, and
Due to the harm this worm can cause and its rapidity of propagation, W32.Ramnit is a fairly serious threat. Prolonged delay of cleaning the infection can result in even Safe Mode-based scans being inadequate to delete W32.Ramnit, so don’t hesitate to act.
The trick is quite simple, with a 19 Mb tool named: Ezet NOD32 On Demand Scanner alias NOD32 Portable, which can be downloaded at:
Virus Copy Of Shortcut Recycler W32/Ramnit Remover Tool
(Select the most recent version)
Dowload Ramnit Recycler Virus Remover Tool Shortcut from a clean computer from viruses, commpress with winrar and copied to the flash that was also cleared of the virus. After that, plug the flash into the suspected computer infected by Recycler Ramnit Shortcut virus. Run the Virus Shortcut RecyclerRamnit Remover Tool from within winrar (do not be extracted).
(Keep in mind that, during the scanning process, do not ever do any activity, including just to right click your desktop PC, because it can re-activate the virus.)
The result is quite satisfactory, almost all exe files and other executable files in the injected CPU/flash disk can be cleared well (clean) to its roots. Even this was quite a powerful tool to detect various kinds of trojans, backdoors and other viruses.

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