Friday 12 August 2011

Create a virus to make the computer freezed

Now i am going to give you simple and only one line Batch code. Special
about this virus is that easy to remember the code. So it will be
useful to use in college or school.

  This is for newbie. This virus is harmful for CPU. So be careful. Don't run this in your pc or friend pc.

Open a notepad.

  • copy this code to notepad:


  • Save the file with .bat extension(For eg: music.bat)

  • That's all once your victim clicked this file,the CPU will be overloaded.

  • Don't worry it will be come to normal operation after restarting.

If you are doing this in your college or school,you can try this:

  • copy this bat file to any drive.

  • Create shortcut to desktop(by right click and sent to desktop).

  • Now go to desktop and right click on the shortcut.

  • Select Properties.

  • Click the Change icon.

  • Select any icon which will attract users.

  • and click ok.

Screen shots for reference: