Friday 12 August 2011

Lion Tweaks to customize your OS X Lion experience

know, there are some things about OS X Lion you just hate. I feel the
same way. Major changes in the tech we use daily are not always
welcomed, and the transition hardly ever goes smooth or in a timely

Thankfully, 9to5Mac
has pointed out that some creative developers have put together a
one-click solution for those who aren't comfortable cracking open
Terminal and changing system level settings, the app is called Lion


First you will need to download and install the Lion Tweaks app.
Once it is downloaded and unpackaged, make sure to move it into your
Applications folder. If you don't, the app will alert you to move it to
the Applications folder, or else you may see some issues.

From here, it's as simple as selecting Yes or No on any of the settings
you would like to change. Ranging from making the invisible scrollbar in
Lion permanently visible, revealing the Library folder, to removing
animation from some apps such as Mail.

Below are some examples of the tweaks in action:

The 3D dock (top) can be changed to a 2D dock (bottom), similar to that found in Snow Leopard.

For some the leather look of iCal in Lion is a great change, for others
it's a bit too much. Lion Tweaks gives you the option to change from a
leather to an aluminum appearance. (The same change can be made for
Lion's Address Book).

There isn't an option in Safari Preferences to remove the Reader icon
from the browser. With a click of a button you can remove the Reader
icon from Safari in Lion Tweaks.

The tweaks shown above are just three of the 17 total tweaks possible
with Lion Tweaks.You can always reverse a tweak by running the app again
and selecting No.

Pls Take Note: some of these tweaks can and will change the
behavior of some apps, not just appearance. When tweaks like those made
in this app are made, they can sometimes create issues with the app(s). I
strongly encourage you either have a Time Machine backup or create a
backup of the app's package before making any tweaks should things go

If something does go wrong, you can always restore the backed-up app
package--allowing you to either try again or retain the stock settings.