Monday 8 August 2011

New Windows 7 Themes – Lighthouses, Calligraphy, Cherry Blossoms of Japan & Maddalena Sisto

Some fantastic new official themes for Windows 7 have been just added to Windows 7 personalisation gallery. Jennifer Shepherd made the announcement
about these new themes at Windows Experience Blog where she gave an
intro of the contributing photographers and talented producers who bring
such amazing work!

The new Windows 7 themes
are packed with gorgeous desktop backgrounds all in high-resolution of
1920×1200. Enhance your desktop with these cool themes listed below:

1. Lighthouses theme


This is a really stunning theme from Magnus, which comprises 14
beautiful wallpapers featuring lighthouses, deep oceans, mountains,
sunny clouds and some awesome colors. Furthermore, it comes packed with a
soothing sound scheme named ‘seashore’.

Towering over color-drenched beaches, standing sentinel
where sand meets ocean, and encrusted in wintry ice, the lighthouses in
this free theme for Windows 7 bring a world of scenery and architectural
styles to your desktop.

Download Here

2. Calligraphy theme


The delicate textures of handmade paper, watercolor
painting, and fabric motifs in these six wallpapers beautifully
complement the traditional calligraphy of kanji characters for “beauty,”
“the journey,” “sincerity,” and other concepts.

"Grace," "beauty," "journey," and other kanji boldly rendered in ink
on delicately textured surfaces. A free Windows 7 theme to add serenity
and inspiration to your desktop.

Download Theme

3. Cherry Blossoms of Japan theme


Produced by Yuki, this theme features six images of serene springtime photography.

Soothe your senses with glorious photos of flowering Japanese cherry trees in this free Windows 7 theme.

Download Theme

4. Maddalena Sisto theme


Alessandra and Valentina, produced this chic new theme featuring ten
of the whimsically unconventional fashion-inspired illustrations of
famed Italian artist Maddalena Sisto.

Flying violinists, bird-headed women, and impossible
shoes figure in Italian artist Maddalena Sisto’s re-imagining of Italian
fashion and design. Bring whimsy and delight to your desktop with this
free theme for Windows 7.

Download Here

>> Other recently introduced new themes includes: Beach
Sunsets, City Lights, The Gunstringer, Naruto Shippuden 5, etc. Download
them at Windows 7 themes gallery!

A change has been made on the themes gallery page, a new tab featuring the 20 most popular themes, based on the top downloads worldwide has been added.