Saturday 24 September 2011

Get Facebook’s New Timeline Interface

facebook_thumb%25255B2%25255DFacebook’s New Timeline . But it’s not released yet . But you can get it if you are a Developer. So to become a developer it’s  not at all difficult . Just some steps and you are there.
Want to See what you will get after this See Here.
Steps to get the New Timeline Interface:
1. Go to Developer Apps page.
2. Select Create New App from the top right corner.
3. You will be asked to give a display name , give any name and in App Namespace give any name but only in lower case. We you click on continue you will be asked a verification word . Fill that and press submit.
4. After completing 3rd step , you will see “Open Graph” like in above screenshot on the left corner. Press Open Graph.
5. You will see a screen like the one above. Give the same details like I have given . In first box write watch and in second movie . And then press Get Started.
6. Now in all the subsequent pages , go to the end of page and click Save And Continue.
7. At last you see a page like shown below. If you see this that means you did that successfully.
8. After this go to your profile page , within some time you will see a bar like this.
9. Press on “Get It Now” and experience the new awesome profile.