Saturday 24 September 2011

Disable/Enable “Delete Confirmation Dialog” In Windows

Fullscreen capture 9222011 91032 PM.bmp

Most of us hate it when we get a dialog box like the one given below when we try to delete a file . To disable this we have a simple process.
Fullscreen capture 9222011 91429 PM.bmp
Steps To Disable / Enable “ Delete Confirmation Dialog ” box :
1. Right Click Your Recycle Bin’s Icon
Fullscreen capture 9222011 90716 PM.bmp
2. Select Properties. You will get a pop-up box like shown below.
Fullscreen capture 9222011 90721 PM.bmp
3. Uncheck the “Display delete confirmation dialog” .
Now from now on you won’t get the annoying message whenever you try to delete a file.

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