Tuesday 27 September 2011

Convert Jar files for Java Mobiles into exe for PC

If you have Nokia Brand Phone then you I hope you are well aware of what the *.jar files are? These are the extension for the applications being used in Java mobiles. Though there are so many sites which gives the opportunity to download many of such application or games for Java supported mobiles but as we know there is not any inbuilt application which gives us the ability to test  them before installing them in mobile device. If so is the case then the following application can be an ease for you.
JartoExe is such a program which is well capable of converting any java program (.jar file) into a .exe files. This way you can test it before you install or you can also play it on your pc. Doesn’t it seems good?

Above is the snap shot of the application to which you only have to locate the jar files from your pc and then set the preferred location where to save it. Once compiled you can test it also from the above screen.
Download JartoExe converter Program