Tuesday 27 September 2011

Trick to reduce file size of any JPEG images
Jpeg format is one of the most used file format when we have to deal with images or pictures… Though JPEG images are the most compressed along with the high quality digital output file format… but even being so; its irritates us many time when we have several images which we have to mail someone.
Many times we have to reduce the quality to a very low level… which sometimes does not seems fair. Now what is the reason why these jpeg files seems to be heavy and how to reduce their file size without loosing image quality.
These days almost every jpeg file we have is highly optimized…. it doesn’t matter whether it is a raw shoot or saved from any image editor. Which means it contains all the file info details like what is the camera model and all the shoot properties or from which software it is saved as well as details like operating system, users etc…. etc… Finally which results in the heavy file size.
Now what is the way to reduce file size… doesn’t any new trick but the old one which we have almost forget… saving any jpeg through Microsoft Paint.. which eventually removes out the file details making the lowest possible file size. I have tested this trick personally and the results were awesome. If you are a web-designer then I am sure this trick is worth for you…

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