Tuesday 27 September 2011

ADD YOUR OWN IMAGE TO A BLOGGER AS A BACKGROUND can freely add the background images of your choice after the introduction of the “ template designer” of blogger, which is a new feature added to blogger or blogspot. You can either use a selective image present under categories or can use your own image as the blogger background.
Your blog can be made to look more interesting by adding style and color to your blog and the purpose can be easily reflected by using an appropriate background picture. More personalized by adding your picture, more technical by using a relevant technical gadget or such picture etc.
The following steps helps you out in adding a background image to a blogger:
  • Use your blogger Id to login into to your blogger draft,
  • Choose “design” and now “template designer” , select “background”.
  • Use the browse button to locate and find the image that you prefer to use as the background image,
  • For enabling a background image with good quality, the following properties are anticipated in the file being uploaded:

A resolution of the image must be 1800×1600 pixels and file size must be less than 200Kb in file formats such as .JPEG, .GIF or .PNG for enabling quicker loading of the image and the blog while it is searched for.
  • Resize it of you need it to cut down using the crop tool or resize tool that appears automatically and now check the preview by cliking on “preview”.
  • If you like the image as the background, click  “apply” button present at the right corner at the top.
  • Reload your page and check for the required look.