Tuesday 20 September 2011

How To Unlock Various 3G USB Modems 2011

There are different ways of unlocking USB modems, in this article I am sharing two method of unlocking 3G USB modems.

Use any one of the method to unlock your 3G USB modem,

Step 1: Goto site,

Step 2: Enter your modem’s IMEI, enter the CAPTCHA code and click on the “Calculator” button. Within seconds, it will return you with your modems unlock code and flash code.

Step 1: Free Download DC Modem Unlocker Software here.

Step 2: After extraction of file, install the DC Unlocker Software on your computer to see:

Note : If there is a memory card stick on your datacard, please remove it. remove sim card and put sim card preferably from another another carrier that you want to unlock.(it will display invalid sim)

Step 3: Plug your 3G Usb modem stick device in to your computer Usb port or adpater, sometime connection manager will display,close it.

Step 4: Select the manufacture then select the model as Auto detect (recommended). If you know the model and which com port you can do that in same way also.

Step 5: Click the detect Modem button. after your modem model will display below box.

Step 6: When your modem has been detected, then click the Unlock Button at your right hand side top corner.

Thats it........

when you keep another network sim in the Modem , and then insert into computer, the computer will ask for the unlock code so you have to enter the unlock code which you got.
Hence your modem has been unlocked, and now you can use any 3g, 2g sim of any networks.

So friends, I hope this
article will help you to Unlock 3G Modem.
If you have any querries drop the comments below ....


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