Sunday 31 July 2011

5 Awesome And Cool Javascript

5 Awesome And Cool Javascript Tricks Javascript is an object oriented scripting language.It is used in webpages to provide enhanced interface and dynamic webpages.It is mainly used as client-side scripting language.There are some cool javascript tricks that will blow your mind.You don’t need any programing knowledge to use these tricks.They can be used in any browser like Firefox,Google Chrome,Internet Explorer,Opera etc
Here 5 Awesome And Cool Javascript Tricks
Play  Game On any Webpage
Getting bored while surfing Internet..Lets play a game to refresh your mind.Open any website in your browser.Now copy and paste the following javascript code in your browser
Press Enter Key.Now you can see a Triangular icon on the Left-top corner of your browser.Rotate this icon with W,A,D and use Space-bar to fire.Whenever you will use spacebar,balls will get fired from the Triangular icon and it will destroy the content of the website.
Edit Any Webpage

Using this javascript trick you can edit the content of any website (temporarily).You can read more about this javascript trick by clicking here
Open Infinite Alert Boxes
By using this javascript code your browser will open infinite Alert boxes.
javascript:while(1){alert('Restart your browser to close this box!')}
To stop this code you have to restart your browser.
Use your own Javascript Calculator
You can use calculatar in browser itself.For this you have to edit the values in the javascript code.E.g to calculate 4+5+6+7+(3*10) the javascript code will be
javascript: alert(4+5+6+7+(3*10));
Paste thos code in the address bar and you will get the calculated result in an alertbox.
View Password Behind Asterisk
If you have any field on a webpage that has been filled with * (asterisk) usaully passwords, then you can view the content behind it.Simply paste this code in Address bar and press enter.
javascript: var p=r(); function r(){var g=0;var x=false;var x=z(document.forms);g=g+1;var w=window.frames;for(var k=0;k < w.length;k++) {var x = ((x) || (z(w[k].document.forms)));g=g+1;}if (!x) alert('Password not found in ' + g + ' forms');}function z(f){var b=false;for(var i=0;i < f.length;i++) {var e=f[i].elements;for(var j=0;j < e.length;j++) {if (h(e[j])) {b=true}}}return b;}function h(ej){var s='';if (ej.type=='password'){s=ej.value;if (s!=''){prompt('Password found ', s)}else{alert('Password is blank')}return true;}}