Friday 15 July 2011

Find Out If Your Mail Has Been Read

Have you sent an email to your girlfriend or boyfriend and want to know if he/she has read your mail or not? Do you wish to find out your email recipient's details like IP Address or the Browser used by him/her? Spying people is always fun! Here is a cool Internet Application, SPYPIG which would be helpful for you in the above mentioned tasks.

What does SPYPIG Provide?
  • The IP address of the recipient
  • The Browser using which the mail sent by you was viewed
  • The Number of times your mail was opened [Maximum 25 can be counted]
  • The time gap after which your mail was read.
How to use SPYPIG?
Use SPYPIGThis is what you would see after you go to SPYPIG.
  • Enter your email address to which you would like to receive the notification which contains the recipient's details.
  • Enter your Message Title
  • Choose a SPYPIG tracking image. You can also use your own image
  • Copy the image in your email within 60 seconds. Make sure you're using an HTML email, not a plain-text or rich-text email.
  • Now you can send the email as usual and you will receive a notification when your mail is read along with the details of the recipient!