Thursday 14 July 2011

Free Anonymous Messaging Worldwide

As per one of my visitor's request, I have decided to cover this topic. Days before I have posted a post on Send Free Sms Anonymously, it was an awesome post, many people liked it, and also used it. In that post I have listed a site to send Anonymous Free Messages, but the website allow free anonymous messaging service to India only, that's was the drawback for Non-Indians, but don't be sad. In this post I will tell you on how to send free anonymous message worldwide. I have found a pretty awesome site which can do this small job for you. 

Sending free messages worldwide is great, very few sites are there which do so, if they do they are charging heavy amount from their customers. This service is only possible for those who are rich. But what for common people? There may be only two or three sites which provide free messaging service all over the world without registration. 

Features Of This Site

  • No registration is required
  • Fully Anonymous
  • Free Messaging worldwide
  • It also provide the facility to send free MMS worldwide
  • It also had its own cool sms gallery

How To Send Free Anonymous Message Worldwide?

  • Visit this awesome site - Seasms.
  • Scroll to bottom where you will see " Welcome To Seasms", now just below it you will find "Send free SMS ".
  • Then Choose the destination.
  • Then Select Network Operator ( If you will choose India, you will not be asked to provide Network Operator)
  • Type your message, give the victim's phone number, and name as per you choice, name doesn't matter it may be anything.
  • Finally click on Send
Hurray, your message will be sent to your victim.