Thursday 14 July 2011

hack a website using c99 script

The c99 shell script is a very good way to hack a php enable web server. You have to find an unsecure uploader to upload this file to the server. Here i used unsecure uploader means the uploader which can't check for file extension and allow us to upload our executable scripts to the server.

This c99 shell allows an attacker to hijack the php enable web server. This script is very user friendly and having very good interface so it is easy to use. You can issue any php command to run on the web server. You can use any of the commands given in the script to run on the web server.

NOTE: This post is only for educational purpose. We advice you not to try this on any website. Use of this script on any website is illegal. 

For hacking a website using C99 script follow these steps.

1) Find a php web site with an uploader.
2) Test the file uploader to be secure or not by uploading files with a server executable extension.
3) If uploader is unsecure then upload the shell script.
4) Execute the uploaded code by navigating to the uploaded page.
5) A c99 script GUI will show up with a lot of options and details.
6) Look for the server details if the safe mode is on or off. If safe mode is off then the entire web server can be controlled by the script. If its on then on the directory in which c99 shell script is uploaded can only be controlled by the script.
7) Apart from being able to chmod, modify and delete files c99 also lets its user brute force the ftp but it requires an additional dictionary file which can run into hundreds of MBs.

NOTE: You can also execute this script on the web server by RFI

Search the and download the script from google.  or download from link