Saturday 16 July 2011

Converting 1GB Memory Card to 2GB

We all use memory sticks to store music, images, videos so that we can take them on the way to enjoy them easily. But what if memory gets less to store all your music and you don’t have enough money to buy another one, well 

Follow the below steps .:

1. This trick only works on a 1Gb memory card so make sure your memory card is 1Gb and now follow the below steps.
2. Now remember to backup your data on your memory card as we are going to format that card.
3. Now download Skymedi 2GB Fix Software
4. After downloading the above software open that software and you will see something like below .:
Convert 1GB Memory Card to 2GB
5. In the above image you can see it is saying that Total Space 955 MB, that’s because I have inserted a 1GB memory card so you also have to insert 1 GB card and it will show you the same thing.
6. Now after you insert your card and open the software you just have to click FIX as mentioned in the above image.
7. Now as soon as you click on FIX process will start up and it will you for the confirmation of the formatting step it has to take so click Yes and that’s it.
8. Now after the process is complete just remove the Memory Card and Reinsert it and you will see a gain in the storage space which is really awesome thing for an Non - Investor.
Convert 1GB Memory Card to 2GB
9. Now as you can see the above image is saying 1912 MB for the same 1 GB Memory Card so enjoy this trick and gain some huge space from 1 Gb sticks.
NOTE .: This trick works on some memory cards so just have a try and comment below with a if this worked for you and we are not responsible for any damage this software gives on your memory stick, so use this software @ your own risk.