Thursday 14 July 2011

How hack Hotmail or windows live id

Hotmail is also a very famous email service. It is widely used in US and European countries. Today i am going to write how to hack hotmail id. We will use phishing for hacking. The complete process with phoshing script is given below.

follow these steps:

1: download the hotmail phishing page below. This phishing page uses php for storing password in text files

2: Host this script to any free webhost that support php. Get the list of some free host from here

3: Now check your script on your host. this page is just like hotmail login page.

4: send this page to victim via mail or any other service and force him to sign in from this page. Use any kind of social engineering for this.

5: check stored password in yourdomain/detail.txt page

If you have any problem comment below