Monday 18 July 2011

Orkut Hacking : Orkut Hack Tricks

Orkut Hacking Methods :
are a lot well-liked in todays social n/w era.Few days back, a single of my good friend was orkutting and suddenly he located that so a lot of scraps and photos were deleted from his account. He shocked and determined to check own orkut account. So, he monitored his Orkut Account for a single week and discovered that a person was deleting info continually.
As everybody understands, Orkut is social networking web site from internet large Google. Irrespective of numerous protection measures, pros can simply Hack Orkut account of dummies utilizing Orkut hack methods. So, In this post, i am explaining how Orkut Hack methods take place and how to prevent Orkut Hack methods.
Basically, there are 3 methods by which one particular can performto hack Orkut Account of victims.
(Most utilised from last 2 a long time and most functioning)
(Beneficial on public laptop or computer/if you have accessibility to victims machine).
(Occasionally performs).
(My favorite and considerably hard).
Do you acquire any message showing “sizzling orkut concept!!!” ? Do clicked on it ? If ans wer is ‘yes’,then you had been hacked. Sure it is most utilised orkut hack Methods sort nowdays. When you click on this kind of website link, Orkut cookie (which is stored on your  machine) is stolen and in turn your orkut account password is hacked.
2) Orkut Hack Methods by Important logging
Key logging is simpler orkut hack Methods than phishing if you have entry to victims device.If you believed your boyfriend/girlfriend/hubby is cheating with you,you can easily use these Orkut hack Tricks by employing a great crucial logger.
Key Logger:
Essential logger is s/w which tracks important strokes you produced on your key board. Day by day engineering is establishing and right now important loggers come with subsequent features in addition to fundamental key logging characteristic :
: Not visible in task manager or program files or plans.
Instantly Mail emails to  hackers e-mail deal with.
three) Undetectable by Anti virus s/w.