Sunday 17 July 2011

Bitdefender Rescue CD For Ultimate PC Protection

Bitdefender Rescue Disk Ultimate PC Protection When your pc get completely infected by viruses, malwares and other infections, than the best way to deal with them is to boot in Rescue area and destroy all the infections instantly.
Now you can do this task through your Anti-Virus or Malware scanner but sometimes virus may not be deleted due to windows is currently running and some files are accessible to be scanned by the scanner so that’s why we use Rescue Disk because it boots on the start up and removes all the infections instantly.
Bitdefender Rescue Disk is the one solution for this technical task, it comes with an updation feature which automatically updates the database so that new viruses can also be searched and removed.
Bitdefender Rescue Disk Ultimate PC Protection


Procedure For Using Rescue Disk .:

1. Download the above ISO File its in a WinRAR Package so make sure you extract it.
2. After downloading and extracting the above package you have to burn the ISO file on a Disc use simply CD 700 MB.
3. Now you have the original Rescue Disk which you can use to remove viruses.
4. Now put it into the CD Drive and Restart your System.
5. After the restart follow the instructions on the screen to get to the main menu of this Disk.
NOTE .: It may take some time to load all the files depends on the Hardware of your System.
6. Click on Agree Button and then move forward.
7. Now you should be connected on the internet and it will then try to Update the database and then after the update it will automatically start scanning your system for Viruses.
That’s it now just sit back and let it fight like a soldier Boom !!! Boom !!! Boom !!!