Thursday 14 July 2011

free php website hosting without any banners and ads

Most of the web developers want their website on the web but do not want to spend more money on that. For your website you need to take your domain name. But you can host your website on some free hosting servers. Some web host used to post their links and banners on your website but some web hosts are providing this service free of cost and without and type of links and banner or advertisements. Your visitors will never know that you are using free web hosting service. The web space depends on the web hosting server you are using.
Some web hosts only provide web space and php scripting without database but there are many which also provide MySQL database support.
This post is about free php hosting. These are the name of some free web hosting servers.

  • 0000free
  • 000a
  • 000space
  • 110mb
  • 125mb
  • 20x
  • AgilityHoster
  • ATBHost
and there is a long list of free web hosting can find all type of free hosting web servers detail from the website . This website will help you to find more details about these web servers.